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IPC-A: The highest quality of production is performed to meet the standards of IPC-A-610 and J-STD001.

RoHS: In 2005, RoHS-complaint production started and one of our soldering machines is designated for RoHS-complaint production. 

Nitrogenous Production: in 2008 a new SMD and TH assembly line was formed for the purpose of producing circuits for the military.  It’s currently capable of nitrogenous production which requires nitrogen gas to be used as opposed to air for the soldering of the circuit boards.  This style of production increases the life of the circuits and prepares them to withstand harsh physical conditions. 

ESD:  To prevent the effect of electrostatic charges from becoming too high, measures in production, shipment, and storage have been taken.  Our factory’s production environment has been equipped using ESD- safe featured materials to protect all personnel, equipment, and packaging.  Our personnel take precaution from the effects of ESD by wearing uniforms, wristbands, and heel straps.  In addition, ESD measuring devices are placed in the entrances to the production lines to check for unsuitable personnel equipment that may have electrostatic charge.   

MSD: Sensitive materials such as BGA and uBGA are stored in environments where MSD measures are taken.  In order that they aren’t harmed BGA and uBGA are kept in MSD cabinets where they can be monitored by performing automatic measurement recordings.  

AOI:  All components’ values, solders, and solders directions on the board are assembled by automatic machines and are checked optically by the AOL machines.   

ICT: By using automatic machines that have EC Testjet and TA Testjet, the products’ values, tolerances, directions of all components, materials, PCB, and production problems (which can hinder the board from running) can be identified in a short time. By using this technology, solders of BGA and uBGA can also be checked. 

X-RAY:  With state of the art X-ray devices, solder quality of BGA and SMD materials are checked before and after reflow.

MOI:  The values, solders, and directions of all components on the electronic boards are checked manually with cameras and magnifiers.

SPC: In order to check the SMT assembly process the solder height on the Electronic boards where the solder printings are done are checked using an SPC machine.

ESS:Aging test,shock,test,temperature and humidity tests.



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OME Electronic is the factory which has the most improved equipment and production techniques of Turkey in TH and SMD assembly.