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Warehouse And Inventory

All electronic materials coming for subcontracting or material manufacturing are according to the following: value, standards, production compliance, amounts specified in “product trees”, and are kept in suitable environments. Components that are subcontracted, purchased by OME, or from a forming “product tree” of our customers, are monitored in our compact production programs including: accounting, production, and inventory.

Our qualified warehouse personnel take inventory of all products which then go into a computer where inventory statictics are calculated. Customer materials are kept in the warehouse until production begins. We give our customers inventory lists which indicate the exact amounts of all components.

All the components we purchase from our customers are entered into a system where they are given their own personal stock number and are placed in a “product tree” that shows their value, quality, brand, and physical features. Our customers benefit from the up-to-date inventory lists by recieving their supplies for their productions on time to meet the market demand.

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Smt Lines

OME Electronic is the factory which has the most improved equipment and production techniques of Turkey in TH and SMD assembly.